As a known Tax Accountant in the Hampton Roads community for the past 10 years, Ms. Childs began expanding her accounting services to the Charlotte, NC area in 2014 consulting with small to medium businesses.  Wearing many hats in the For-Profit and Non- Profits worlds, Ms. Childs is currently the CEO and founder of the Childs Foundation. She has created a program called the Go To Work program that offers a unique business model transporting individuals from a human service perspective. Her organization is partnered with a multitude of local and state agencies allowing individuals to gain reliable employment transportation opportunities where logistical, political, and economical barriers exist. Her ultimate goal is to expand this program into multiple states and assist individuals with becoming more self- sufficient.

Ms. Childs obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus in International Business. With a passion of economics, Kiana attended Von Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany continuing her studies in the German language in addition to economics. She has received awards from the NAACP for her contributions to the community advocating for taxation and financial literacy as well as being the recipient of the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia in 2018 for her philanthropic and nonprofit contributions to the community.